Reflex-arc is inspired by the biological concept of a reflex arc. We aspire to reflect on architecture from a non-architectural perspective, enabling design to become the medium that connects various groups of people and their perspectives. Through architectural and spatial interventions, we would like to create an organism that reflects people’s needs, interacts with users, as well as the social, economic and cultural environments.

Our dynamic team was founded in Beijing in 2018. We seek to research、reflect and design on contemporary urban and architectural designs from a multidisciplinary perspective connecting architecture with urban planning, social sciences and art. We have planned exhibitions and urban studies with "HUTONGism: Urban House in Beijing” (New Haven), "Walking, Thinking, Walking” (Competition), Hong Kong Des Voeux Road Central pedestrianization design (Competition), Beijing Design Week Chaoyangmen section - Hutong Juxtaposition. Ongoing research projects include “Community Commercial Complex"、”Emerging practices”、 ”HUTONGism", "In-Between Space", "Roftscape" 、"Representing the City"、“Performance Space in Commercial Complex”.

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